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    This service is for any Cameroonian national or former resident of Cameroon that have spent some time abroad and is coming back home to settle. If this describes you there is much we can do to help this transition as stress free as possible









    Accommodation and restauration: We help you find the formula than will suit you the best – unfurnished or furnished apartments. Whatever your budget or the level of comfort desired, you have got you covered. This can be done before you ever set foot in Cameroon, that way you wont have to reside elsewhere upon arrival

    Transportation: Whatever your budget or level of comfort desired you have got you covered. Options varies to standard used BUT pristine cars to brand new VIP-class one - Each coming with a personal driver. There are 3 categories of transportation (1) from and to the airport – this is on the house (2) within the city (3) out of the city (if it applies). You can use these until you get your own car etc…


    Customs: rest easy, we have a team of expert in matter of customs that will take care of clearing your goods for you. These will be clear and move to your new home – We take care of everything

    Entourage: Should you wish, we can have a couple of people at your service for a part or all the duration of your stay in Cameroon. These can play the role of bodyguards, dedicated driver, mere entourage (VIP) or to make all sorts of errands for you (this rank from buying  day to day things for you to helping you file all sorts of paperwork).

    School for your children: Leave it to us. All you need is given us your preferences and we will instantly give you all your choices and after you have make some picks, we will proceed to securing a seat for your children

    Shopping for household items:      Furniture, kitchen items etc.… whatever your needs we have got you covered. We have experts shopping and home as office designers as part of our team.  






    AND rest reassure, all financial transaction are 100% secure for you either do them in person after acquiring the goods or through an escrow services.

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