You met the woman or man of your life while abroad and will like the wedding to happen in Cameroon and don't really were to start, we have got you covered!













    Accommodation: We help you find the formula than will suit you the best – options vary from Hotels (1 to 4 stars) to furnished apartments. Whatever your budget or the level of comfort desired, you have got you covered

    We can provide this for your entire stay in Cameroon or just for your special night – making sure to secure one of the luxuries suite I town or whatever you will want – you will be presented with several options.

    Transportation: Whatever your budget or level of comfort desired you have got you covered. Options varies to standard used BUT pristine cars to brand new VIP-class one - Each coming with a personal driver. You will need 4 types of transportation (1) from and to the airport (2) within the city (3) out of the city (if it applies) (4) special luxury cars for your big day

    Entourage: Should you wish, we can have a couple of people at your service for a part or all the duration of your stay in Cameroon. These can play the role of bodyguards, dedicated driver, mere entourage (VIP) or to make all sorts of errands for you.

    A venue for your wedding  – these come in all sizes and luxury levels. Many come already equipped with the type of logistics GENERALLY needed for this type of event. In case of any aditional need we will bring in third parties.

    Three types of venues that we will be decorating accordingly are included here:

    1. The church
    2. The Mayor’s
    3. The celebration’s

    Getting the bride and the groom ready:

    1. In case you have no idea as to what your clothes you should wear NO WORRY, we have got you covered - a battalion tailors specialist in weddings are awaiting you. Note that your clothes can be made from scratch or simply bought already made. Whatever your preferences, we have got you covered
    2. Getting the bride ready. We have a battalion of beauty expert that will stop at nothing to turn you into the most beautiful bride this world have ever seen

    The event itself: prepping and sending out invitation, getting the catering service ready, animation, snapping picture and then using all sorts of creative ideas to prepare your memories

    The after-event: We also offer and after event touristic package meant to help you build more memory and enjoy your stay in Cameroon.  Relaxation / Leisure: during your stay in Cameroon we will make it a point to introduce you to all the beautiful things this country has to offer: parks, play center, gyms, other activities and learning of your choice (dance, painting, music, football, tennis, etc.), beauty salons: hairdressing, massage, aesthetics, etc. Shopping for goods to bring back with you: we put you in contact with the best distributors of different African products.




    AND rest reassure, all financial transaction are 100% secure for you either do them in person after acquiring the goods or through an escrow services.

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